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Membership Rules

Your membership is valid right now through December 15th of the participating year. If you are receiving your card during the year please activate your membership to receive a full year of coupons and additional offers through email
and to be able to replace your membership card and/or book. (fees may apply)

2-for-1 Savings and Other Valuable Discounts

All the restaurants and establishments in your Passport offer you valuable discounts. You receive a complimentary adult entré, up to the stated value, when you purchase an adult entré of equal or greater value. If the complimentary entré is more than the stated value, you pay the difference. The fine dining and casual dining restaurants (A1 thru AB40) will check off adc_cardstheir unique numbers (“Card #NN”) from the back of your Aloha Diners ‘09-’10 membership card. Featured Businesses that offer the same offer every time a member visits their establishment will need only to show their membership card upon ordering or purchasing.

Repeat Dining

Simply show your Aloha Diners card and save 10%–25% off your total bill, each time you dine at those restaurants that offer Repeat Dining. This offer is given when you dine by yourself, or with up to five (5) guests.

Disclaimers and Conditions of Use

“2-for-1 Savings” and “Repeat Dining” cannot be used at the same time.
Please tell your server you are an Aloha Diners Club Member before your bill is totaled, preferably before ordering.


You may use up to three (3) Aloha Diners Cards at one time with one bill per party, no separate checks.

These offers cannot be used with other discounts, daily 
specials, advertised specials or take-outs.
Alcoholic beverages are always excluded.
ADC Membership Cards may not be copied or reproduced.
Holidays excluded. Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Day, New Years Eve & Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, July 4th and all ethnic holidays. Please confirm holiday blackout dates with featured business.
Gratuity. Your tip for good service of 15%–20% on your total bill before the discount is greatly appreciated.


Aloha Diners Club, Inc., its affiliates and subsidiaries, and/or third party vendors and both the merchants and/or program sponsors (card distributors) are at no time responsible for your lost, stolen or damaged cards, nor are they responsible for the status or level of acceptable service of a featured business within the ADC network.The Aloha Diners Club corporation will make every attempt to make sure that the Featured Business accepts the offers published within this book.


By acquiring and per first use of your card at any in-network Featured Business location; storefront or website, activating a card, registering a card, all indicate your intent to accept and use the product per the Rules of Use policy(s), and in doing so you confirm and evidence your intent to proceed as such, with full knowledge, understanding and acceptance of the Rules of Use policy, and the Company’s No Refund and No Return Policy, as well as the Company’s policy regarding lost, stolen or damaged cards, thereof indemnifying and waiving any claim, responsibility or obligation (including financially in any manner hereof or otherwise hereinafter described), of responsibility against Aloha Diners Club, Inc., their affiliates and subsidiaries, third party vendors, participating in-network Featured Business locations (storefronts, websites or events) and program sponsors (card distributors) from any and all loss, costs, fees, fines, penalties, damages, duty, obligation or otherwise, that may arise from your acquisition and use, including misuse of your card (any card related to and/or represented by Aloha Diners Club, Inc., including, but not limited to, misrepresentation, theft, any criminal activity whatsoever, etc., whether deliberate, intentional, negligently, by careless disregard or otherwise, including, but not limited to, attorney fees and related court costs, and waive all rights to defend against such matters if you are identified as being responsible for committing any such breach, violation or crimes as are herein stated or as otherwise may arise, and should you be subject to arrest, prosecution and conviction as such, you waive any defense as such against any action(s) that Aloha Diners Club, Inc., their affiliates and subsidiaries, third party vendors, participating in-network Featured Business locations (storefronts, websites and/or events) and program sponsors (card distributors) may take individually or collectively against you for the misuse and/or abuse of your card(s), the program(s), etc., including, but not limited to, any attempt to seek financial satisfaction for loss and costs related to defending your position, against the Company’s attempts to protect their interests as such, either in any criminal or civil action, and including, but not limited to, all costs associated with taking said actions, such as; collections costs, related travel expenses, investigations, consultants or expert witness related costs, etc.

 Visiting The Featured Businesses
We've decided to visit all of the businesses in the Aloha Diners Club this year. There are over 145 so it'll be interesting to see the experiences "JD"  has.