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For over 37 years, the Aloha Diners Club has worked with schools, churches, community groups,kaiser High School's Cougar Card

sports groups and other profit and non-profit organizations helping them meet their financial goals quickly and easily.

The Aloha Diners Club is a great fundraiser because it is:

Easy to Sell: Everybody knows that the Aloha Diners Club is a great value. Combine that with a great low price and that equals profits for your group!

Easy to Administer: We give you free sales materials and training to help maximize your profit -- Customized fliers, full-color posters, distribution sheets

High Profit: Up to 60% profit on larger quantity orders!


The All New 2013 Aloha Diners Club

Our First Year of being Internet Based Brings many new benefits to the fund raising individuals & groups as well as the end Purchaser. 1st and foremost, “oh there are only 6-months left before the card expires; you have to give me a better price”. Not true the ADC Cards when activated online are now good for 1-year from date of activation. Also, any new Featured Business being added is automatically available for use, no more waiting for the next Book publication. Phone (808) 942-2032 for additional information.

Profit Schedule
Quantity sold Your Profit each % Profit Your cost each
50-74 Memberships $13.00 each 52% $12.00
75-99 Memberships $13.50 each 54% $11.50
100-199 Memberships $14.00 each 56% $11.00
250-499 Memberships $14.50 each 58% $10.50
500-999 Memberships $15.00 each 60% $10.00
1000-2000 Memberships call call Call
Call for pricing on larger quantities

Here are some examples of PROFIT that is within your grasp. Start today and receive a FREE Lesson for your TEAM. This will enable you and your organization a fully defined plan of action. We will *guarantee your success!

Sold Profit each Total Profit
50 Memberships $13 each $650
75 Memberships $13.50 each $1,012.50
100 Memberships $14 each $1,400
250 Memberships $14.50 each $3,625
500 Memberships $15 each $7,500
500+ Memberships The Sky is the Limit
Call for pricing on larger quantities



A Minimum order of fifty (50) plus Membership Packets must be ordered on the initial order. A Visa or Master Card (credit card, no debit cards), must be on file at the Aloha Diners Club office with authorization to collect payment for all orders. Various payment options & arrangements may be implemented after Aloha Diners Club receives a signed credit card authorization form from the applying group or individual. Once a new fund-raising group, or individual is approved with credit card information on file. Your initial order will be billed for ½, of the order + tax. All additional orders will be billed every 30 days for the amount of ADC Membership Packets W/*QRG’s & ADC Membership Cards actually sold. Tax Exemption: Proof of Tax Exemption, must be provided by inquiring party. All individuals, groups, schools, charities or government entities not providing proof of tax exemption, will be charged Hawaii State tax on all Aloha Diners Club QRG’s & Membership Cards ordered @. $ 0.04712%.


The New 2013, Internet Based Aloha Diners Club (ADC) Membership Packet Contains: Our new Quick Reference Guide (QRG)** which replaces the ADC Book Published for thirty-four (34) Consecutive years, Thus saving acres of trees. However the (QRG) still contains all the necessary information, with regard to each Featured Business, the providers of discounted offers to our ADC Membership. Including; Business Name, address, Phone Number, Their Offer to Members, Associated W/ Their unique # on the back of the ADC Membership Card.  Coupons can be downloaded and printed one time per ADC Card#, after activation of your ADC Membership Card on our new web site.



*Guarantee is only applicable to organizations that adhere to the FREE Lesson(s) instructed by the ADC

** Quick Reference Guide "QRG" is a list of all locations. Updated twice per year, June, and December. also accesible on the web.

No Deposit: A free 30-day consignment for qualified groups that may be extended upon approval means you can start selling right away without having to front the purchase price!adc_logo_bottom_right *Profits based on manufacturers retail Selling price of $24.95/book

 Visiting The Featured Businesses
We've decided to visit all of the businesses in the Aloha Diners Club this year. There are over 145 so it'll be interesting to see the experiences "JD"  has.