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Here we would like to address the questions that we have come across in the recent past. If you have a question, do not hesitate to click on the contact us link and Just ASK.

We would like your experience with us a pleasurable one.

Are there any new restaurants?

Yes we have many but here's a few: Saeng's Thai Cuisine, Ilima Restaurant, Soul Jung Restaurant, Waikiki Resort Hotel, Atlantis Seafood and Schooners Restaurant

Can we get coupons delivered to us if we do not have a computer?

Yes, for an added fee of $5 we will print your coupons for you and mail them to you. In an attempt not to over print coupons we have made coupon usage limited to those members who activate their membership. All coupons will have the member's number on them also so that the member will not have to show their membership card whenever they use use them.

What's the BEST way to enjoy these deep discounts?

We make every attempt to frequent our Featured businesses but being up front about the entire transaction help keep the communication open. The first thing you should do is call the restaurant or featured business and make a reservation. While reserving your table mention that you are a member of the Aloha Diners Club. Ask to speak to the manager if you are speaking to an uninformed employee and then speak to one of our agents by calling (808) 942-2032. Aloha Diners Club Inc. has contracts with everyone in our program. Situations do occur where uninformed personnel state inaccurate claims(to keep it polite). In this situation it is best to inform us so that we may educate the business first hand. All of our featured businesses are well respected in the community so there is always a solution to the misunderstanding before anything goes wrong.

 Visiting The Featured Businesses
We've decided to visit all of the businesses in the Aloha Diners Club this year. There are over 145 so it'll be interesting to see the experiences "JD"  has.